The Parental Leave regulations, which came into effect on 8 March 2013, extend parental leave from 14 weeks to 18 weeks. The regulations also provide that parents returning to work after parental leave may request a change in their working hours and/or working patterns. Employers are required to consider such a request. However, they are not required to grant it. Employers should have regard to the Labour Relation Commission Code of Practice on Access to Part-Time Working when considering this request.

Statutory leave entitlements vary in duration and whether the employer is required to pay the employee his/her salary while on leave. This can cause confusion for employers and employees. Employers should review their policies to ensure that employees’ leave entitlements are adequately reflected. This is particularly important for employers who have employees in a number of jurisdictions as leave entitlements vary from country to country.

Below is a summary of the main leave entitlements in Ireland.

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