It is the third week back at work and we are inundated with calls and enquiry for British citizenship from EU citizens who are worried about their status and ability to continue to live and work in the UK in the event of the UK leaving the EU. Holding Permanent Residence is now the prerequisite step to acquiring ‘British Citizenship EU Citizen‘ as per our article with full details.

We have no idea of the outcome of the forthcoming referendum. The articles in the news vary so much with each side adamant that they are correct. Yesterday, City AM reported that a leading think, Civitas is of the opinion that ‘the UK would get better trade deals outside of the EU’ whereas Davos Europe warns of Brexit ‘disaster’.

However, what we do know is that over the last three weeks, we have been instructed by 47 EU citizens for applications for permanent residence and British citizenship. Of these applications, German nationals are the lead, closely followed by Denmark and Greece.

We are running a competition and the hundredth (1ooth) Permanent Residence EU Citizen client we take on will not be charged any legal fees! So spread the word!