The Coalition for Court Transparency has created an ad campaign calling for the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to open its doors to cameras. A 30-second TV ad will air on major cable networks, claiming that more than three-fourths of Americans support cameras in the Court and stating “The Supreme Court’s decision impact the lives of Americans everywhere. But only a privileged few get to witness history and see justice in action.… It’s time for a more open judiciary. It’s time for cameras in the Supreme Court.” Formed by media, public interest and open-government organizations, the coalition, which is also calling for people tosign a petition to Chief Justice John Roberts, reportedly grew out of frustration with the Court’s resistance to televising its proceedings and the belief that it would benefit from greater public exposure. According to Constitutional Accountability Center founder Doug Kendall, “There’s nothing the government does that’s more impressive than the high-quality debates that take place before the Supreme Court.” See The National Law Journal, February 18, 2014.