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As the most valuable sports franchise in the world, the NFL has an inherent advantage to remaining on the cutting edge of technology. This season saw the Dallas Cowboys revealing an all-new "Pose With The Pros" augmented reality (AR) activation to major fanfare. Now the team is bringing further AR innovation to AT&T Stadium. New technology allowed more than 93,000 fans to hold up smartphones to reveal images of 80 larger-than-life football players, all who were transported into the stadium digitally. Is this what the future holds for the stadium experience? What can we expect from the connected stadiums of the future?

In this podcast CEO of the Johan Cruyff Arena, Henk Markerink, will talk about how innovation and technology will enhance the future football experience. When we’re talking about connected stadiums of the future Henk Markerink believes that it would be wrong to focus on the technical definition of connected. “Stadiums of the future will be connected socially and economically to society. One event at the Johan Cruyff Arena can have an economic impact to Amsterdam of around €50m”. He predicts that stadiums will become the “churches of the 21st century, with football as the religion”.

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