NCR Corp. v. Documotion Research, Inc., C.A. No. 14-395 – GMS, November 3, 2015.

Sleet, J.   Claim construction opinion issues regarding twenty-five terms from four patents.

The disputed technology relates to cutting adhesive patches.   The following terms were considered:

  1. “single column”
  2. “single column… in a minor area of back surface”
  3. “with the remaining major area of said back surface being devoid of adhesive”
  4. “adhesive-free major area”
  5. “devoid of adhesive”
  6. “said labels extend transversely across said web in cantilever from said adhesive column to permit hand grasping of said adhesive-free major area”
  7. “reducing surface area along said feedpath”
  8. “an identically repeating series of differently sized adhesive patches…aligned in a column along said web”
  9. “and differently sized adhesive zones therebetween aligned in a column along said web”
  10. “said adhesive patches vary in width between leading and trailing edges thereof along said running axis”
  11. “index marks”
  12. “adhesive layer is variably patterned”
  13. “to include areas with adhesive and areas without adhesive to vary locations of contact between the adhesive layer and a cutting mechanism making variably located lateral cuts across width of the substrate”
  14. “variably located lateral cuts”
  15. “the areas without adhesive comprise adhesive free lanes arranged vertically and/or horizontally within the adhesive layer”
  16. “elongated diamond shapes”
  17. “repeat length”
  18. “a label configured to be custom cut from the roll of media by a thermal at custom lengths”
  19. “the front portion displaying information for a transaction”
  20. “pattern for adhesive material” and “adhesive pattern”
  21. “repeat distance”
  22. “providing the pattern and repeat distance to a printing press or a coater”
  23. “providing the pattern and repeat distance to a printing press or a coater, wherein the printing press or the coater (i) coats a first side of a web of media with thermally sensitive inks”
  24. “to assist in reducing any buildup of adhesive material on a cutting mechanism when the cutting mechanism subsequently cuts laterally across the media web”
  25. “is of a shape which assists in evenly distributing any buildup of adhesive material on a surface of a printer”