Not surprisingly, Governor Brown vetoed very few labor and employment bills. Some of his vetoes were to the benefit of employers. Most notable was his veto of AB 325, a bereavement leave bill that would have prohibited employers from refusing to grant employees up to three days of unpaid leave. Governor Brown's veto message noted that the vast majority of employers voluntarily make this accommodation, but that the measure would have created a far-reaching private right to sue.

Similarly, in his veto message for SB 931, which would have authorized payment to employees using a payroll card, Governor Brown stated that the law would have created costly, complicated new requirements for use of payroll cards by employers.

Governor Brown vetoed AB 267, which would have made choice of law provisions in employment contracts void as a matter of public policy. Governor Brown's veto message noted that California law already prohibits application of laws that substantially diminish California employees' rights.