Further to our client alert on the amendment to the Narcotics Act legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes having come into force on 19 February 2019, there have been some recent developments which need to be taken into consideration.

The Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has prepared the draft notifications with respect to planting, possession, sale, import and export of cannabis. We provide below some of the key elements of each activity.

  • The applicant has to present clear a production (growing) plan, usage and purposes. Based on the draft, there will be follow ups on the progress of the plan as well as random inspections on amounts of essential ingredients and contamination risks by officials.
  • The applicant for a license to grow cannabis must be able to provide precise details about, for example: (i) areas and protection measures (preventing animals from accessing areas of production; (ii) methods of finding essential ingredients and possible contamination, as well as heavy metals; and (iii) methods of harvesting, destroying and transporting cannabis products.
  • The applicant for a manufacturing license must ensure they comply with GMP standards. They must also comply with other requirements regarding manufacturing location and storage, quality and safety of the manufacturing facilities, labeling and products inserts, among others.