The Card Expenditure Statistics for February 2015 have been published by the UK Cards Association.  The figures show that debit card transactions are continuing to outstrip credit cards, with debit card spending totalling £35.2 billion in February, an increase of 7.7% on the previous year.  In the same period, credit card transactions totalled £14.4 billion, an increase of 5.6% on last year. 

The report also shows that around 80% of credit and charge card spending was made by cardholders who repaid the balance in full, and around 24.4% of card expenditure was through online transactions. 

In February, the number of overall purchases increased by 4.4 million to reach a record monthly total of over 1.05 billion.  It is reported that the increase is largely due to the increased use of card payments for low value transactions, which is enhanced by contactless and online spending.

The statistics can be read in full here.