In brief

On 13 September 2022, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) issued a retail-level recall in respect of a therapeutic product found to contain foreign matter. Earlier this month, the HSA also issued an update on products found and reported by overseas regulators to contain potent ingredients, and briefly explained the possible side effects of the potent ingredients.

Key takeaways

The HSA actively monitors, both locally and overseas, health products that may pose a threat to public health. Consumers are encouraged to exercise caution when purchasing health products online while sellers and distributors should constantly ensure that their products are in line with the applicable healthcare regulations.

Sellers and suppliers of health products should note that anyone who supplies health products in Singapore that are adulterated or counterfeit may face a fine of up to SGD 100,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three years.

In more detail

The HSA recalled two batches of Neomycin Sulfate 500mg tablets as foreign matter was identified in the active pharmaceutical ingredient used in the manufacturing process. Hospitals and pharmacies have been instructed to stop supplying the affected batches and to return the remaining stocks to the company.

The HSA also published a consolidated list of products that were found and reported by health regulators overseas (including regulators in Myanmar, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States) to contain potent ingredients.

The HSA also provided a brief explanation on the possible side effects of the potent ingredients found in the health products to increase awareness.