Despite tough economic times and a $42 billion budget deficit, California has adopted new sweeping regulations designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions. These new rules implement AB 32 and will affect everything and everybody, including the way factories operate, the appliances people buy, the fuel people put in their cars, and where and how people may build their homes. The rules center around a cap-and-trade program, through which power plants, refineries and big factories will have to buy and sell the right to emit greenhouse gases. These rules assume that the federal government will give California the go-ahead to force automakers to build cleaner cars and trucks. It also requires utilities to generate one-third of their electricity from renewable sources and to reformulate transportation fuels to be less carbon-intensive by 2020. Some call the new rules visionary while others believe the rules will hurt California`s ability to attract companies wanting to do business in the state.

Link to California ARB press release.

Link to California Scoping Plan.