The California Fair Political Practices Commission, charged with implementing the state’s campaign finance law, recently announced new gift and contribution limits for the 2017 – 2018 cycle. The agency is required to adjust these limits biennially according to the Consumer Price Index.

The gift limit was raised to $470 from $460 per calendar year. The $470 limit is an aggregate limit from any one source.

The new contribution limits for state offices, PACs, and political party committees* are as follows:

Office or Committee 2017/2018 Limit
State Assembly and Senate $4,400
Statewide, other than governor $7,300
Governor $29,200
PACs that contribute to state candidates $7,300
Political Party Committees for candidates $36,500

Candidates will no doubt be requesting contributions in higher amounts. The increased contribution limits are also significant because a donor must report to the FPPC as a “Major Donor” once the aggregate of their contributions reaches $10,000 or more in a calendar year. Nossaman assists donors and contributors in complying with these and other related rules.