The House approved the „Safety in Youth Sports Act‟, legislation designed to improve concussion management in youth sports and to increase awareness regarding the devastating, life-long effects they can cause when not handled properly.

It now moves to the Senate for concurrence, and then on to the governor for his signature.

Sponsor of the bill, Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery, said the bill aims to ensure that male and female student athletes who suffer concussions receive proper care and rest before they get back into the game.

A summary of the legislation provided by Briggs‟s office says the bill states that a player who shows symptoms of sustaining a concussion should be removed from play and would not be able to return to play until they are cleared by an appropriate medical professional. It also would require students and a parent or guardian to annually read and sign a concussion and head injury awareness sheet before the student participates in practice or competition so they are better informed about injuries that may be sustained on the field. Briggs said this information sheet will include materials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Head's Up program.