There are two interesting projects in San Diego County that are moving forward, both of which involve at least some use of eminent domain.

The San Marcos Creek Specific Plan is proceeding in, not surprisingly, San Marcos.   The project involves efforts to create a new downtown area for the City.  The project has been a long time in the making, with the City adopting its initial specific plan back in July 2007.  A 2015 PowerPoint presentationdescribes the City’s plans for the area.  And just this week, the City filed at least four eminent domain actions as part of its efforts to implement the Specific Plan.

The other projects is the Citracado Parkway Extension Project in the City of Escondido.  The Final EIR for the project describes it as follows:

The project proposes to improve and extend Citracado Parkway from West Valley Parkway to Andreasen Drive, and annex three parcels within unincorporated San Diego County.

The City of Escondido also filed an eminent domain action this week in order to implement its project.