Legal professionals require resources to supplement contract management training and education, so they can be successful in their role and get the most value out of their organization’s contracts.

If you manually manage contracts with paper, files, spreadsheets, and email or if you have a contract management system in place but are looking to improve your contract management strategy further, this article can help.  Follow the links to the content shown in this article and you will be on your path to leading the way for contract management.

#1 "The 8 Critical Stages of Contract Management"

Contracts are complex.  Some companies have hundreds, even thousands of contracts that they’ll manage in a year.   With so many terms, clauses, and additional information that comes with a contract, it becomes easier for things to slip between the cracks.  An inefficient contract management process puts organizations at risk for missed opportunities and compliance issues.  In this whitepaper, you will discover a concise, step-by-step way to manage your contracts.  Learn More.

 #2 "Mastering Contract Management Blog Series"

Day-to-day contract management can take a lot of time when you are focusing on moving parts to meet critical deadlines to ensure compliance and that no opportunity is missed.  Challenges can arise from contract generation all the way to complete contract lifecycle management.  In this blog series, eight challenges are discussed, and strategic recommendations are revealed to help you take control of your contracts.  Learn more.

#3 The Benefits of Contract Management Software

Transitioning how you manage contracts from a paper and file-based process to a contract management system may sound like a massive undertaking.  The reality is that your organization is wasting more time and resources while missing opportunities and exposing itself to undue risk with manual contract management.  From enhanced productivity to shorter contract cycle times, the benefits of contract management software far outweigh the effort needed to transform how you manage contracts.  Learn More.

#4 Contract Management Software ROI

Contract management technology can help you manage contracts more effectively and efficiently, but did you know that surveys report that organizations can reduce their annual contract management expenses up to 50%?  Contract management software can help you realize the ultimate value of your contracts.  Not convinced?  See for yourself. Try CobbleStone’s contract management software ROI calculator. Learn More.

#5 Intro to AI Contract Management 

Contract artificial intelligence may be a familiar concept, but what will the real impact be on how you manage your contracts?  Artificial intelligence provides opportunities through the changing role of contract managers and with advancements for text extraction, data mining, and smarter contracts with better visibility and reduced risk.  Learn More.

#6 Contract Management Case Studies

The best way to see how the benefits of contract management software can make a positive impact on your organization is to read stories of contract management success.  These contract management case studies show first-hand how organizations solve their contract management challenges.  Learn More.

#7 "Making a Case for Contract Management Software"

Many Legal professionals and contract administrators are eager to integrate innovations into their contract management processes such as contract database management, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and contract lifecycle management.  The challenge is to position the value you know that contract management software can provide in a way that appeals to your leadership team, who will make the final purchase decision.  Learn how to translate the value you see into the ROI that stakeholders value.  Learn More.  

Stay abreast of current and upcoming contract management strategies and best practices and the contract management technology that can support your organization's goals.  Your commitment to success will position you to take the lead and take control of contracts.

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