The CBI has released a further update on the progress of its Tracker Mortgage Examination, the second of its three updates expected this year. The CBI reports that lenders are currently co-operating in relation to the Examination and, in addition, the CBI is also engaging with Consumer Groups and the Financial Services Ombudsman to inform its work. The current state of play with the Examination is that lenders are currently carrying out internal reviews of their mortgage books to identify any customers potentially impacted by a 'failure to honour contractual entitlements' or to comply with the regulatory requirements regarding disclosure and transparency of information. In this regard, the CBI expects that one lender will be making a public announcement in relation to the progress it has made on its internal review 'shortly'. Once a review of any affected customer accounts has been completed (and external independent third party assurance has been carried out) lenders will be issued with a letter explaining the error and providing information on the relevant redress and compensation processes.