The Employment Appeals Tribunal determined that the Employment Tribunal had been entitled to fi nd that a doctor’s claims of race discrimination under the Race Relations Act 1976 against the Royal College of Pathologists, as the qualifying body and provider of vocational training, had no reasonable prospect of success following the striking out of similar claims against the GMC. The pathologist had alleged that the GMC unlawfully discriminated against him on the grounds of his race by suspending his registration and erasing his name. He also alleged that the College had aided and abetted the decision of the GMC’s Fitness to Practise Panel. The College decided to defer investigating his complaints until the GMC and Employment Tribunal processes had been completed. The Tribunal found it had no jurisdiction to hear the complaints against the GMC as the doctor had a right of appeal to the High Court under the Medical Act 1983 s.40(1)(a). The Tribunal also found that it followed that it had no jurisdiction to hear a claim against the College, which was not a body providing vocational training for the purposes of the 1976 Act.

G Igboaka v Royal College of Pathologists [2009]