Undoing two actions taken under President Obama’s administration that employers had widely viewed as regulatory overreach, the US Department of Labor ("DOL") recently withdrew two Wage and Hour Administrator’s Interpretations from 2015 and 2016 on independent contractors and joint employment. The 2015 DOL guidance discussed misclassification of employees as independent contractors and concluded that "most workers are employees" under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The 2016 guidance stated that joint employment "should be defined expansively." Although the DOL has withdrawn these expansive interpretations, the DOL press release states that "[r]emoval of the administrator interpretations does not change the legal responsibilities of employers under the Fair Labor Standards Act" and that DOL "will continue to fully and fairly enforce all laws within its jurisdiction, including the Fair Labor Standards Act…." The DOL’s withdrawal of their previous guidance is indicative of a shift to less regulation espoused by President Trump’s administration.