In a February 27, 2009 Public Notice, the FCC announced that its Distributed Transmission System (DTS) rules are now in effect and that it is ready to accept applications from DTV stations that wish to construct DTS networks. Under the Commission's DTS rules, television broadcasters will be able to provide DTV service throughout their service area by using multiple, synchronized transmitters that operate on the station's authorized DTV channel. Among other things, DTS technology is expected to provide broadcasters with a new way to provide over-the-air digital service to viewers who cannot otherwise receive a station's signal.

As noted in the Public Notice, a station's DTS transmitters will not be separately licensed. Instead, a station's DTS facilities will comprise part of a linked network that is authorized by a single construction permit and license. Requests to add DTS transmitters will be treated as minor changes.

The Commission's Forms 301 and 340 have been updated to accommodate requests for DTS authority. The Public Notice is available here.