On 26 April 2010, the European Commission published an updated version of its questions and answers on the Payment Services Directive (PSD). The updated Q&A now contains new answers on the following issues:

  • Question 348: Article 1(1)(c) and whether a post office institution can be classified as a payment institution.
  • Question 371: Article 3(k) and whether loan agreements established via a credit platform fall within the scope of ‘payment account’.
  • Question 363: Article 42(3)(b) and exchange rate calculation.
  • Question 366: Article 47(3) and requirements relating to paper based information.
  • Question 369: Article 72 and maximum execution times relating to national payment transactions.
  • Question 362: Article 73(2) and debit value date.
  • Question 368: Article 8 and calculation of own funds.
  • Question 370: Articles 66 and 74 and the consumer’s rights and procedure regarding an incorrect bank transfer.
  • Question 361: Scope of the PSD.

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