T-Mobile won an important legal victory on Tuesday, as a Hamburg court allowed the German wireless carrier to market the Apple iPhone to customers under an exclusive contract that locks the iPhone device to the T-Mobile network. The court’s ruling invalidates a temporary injunction issued two weeks ago at the request of Vodafone, which claimed that the exclusive deal was anticompetitive as it prevented iPhone usage on other wireless networks and required customers to sign a two-year service contract. As a consequence of that injunction, T-Mobile began offering unlocked iPhones to customers at a rate of U.S. $1,460 -- more than double the listed price ($582) with a two-year contract. Applauding the court’s decision, T-Mobile said this week that it would stop selling unlocked iPhones but would allow customers to unlock the devices at no charge after their contracts expire. A spokesman for Vodafone said his company would review the court’s written opinion “to decide any future actions.”