The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) are a unified set of rules that govern how civil disputes progress.

Important changes to CPR Part 6, that imposes strict methods and timescales in relation to how and when each party must provide certain legal documents, including the all-important claim form, came into force on 1 October 2008.

The main changes are as follows:

  • deemed service can now only take place on a business (week) day;
  • the claimant now only has to send out the claim form within four months of issue, whereas previously the defendant had to receive the claim form in that time;
  • the periods of time for deemed service of the claim form by the various delivery methods have now been simplified. The date is now the second business day after being sent out, regardless of the delivery method;
  • the date for deemed service of other documents is now the same business day if they are sent out by hand, personal service, fax or e-mail if they are served before 4.30pm, no longer 4pm; and
  • there is now a positive requirement on the claimant to take reasonable steps to ascertain the defendant's correct current address.

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