Employment law attorneys know that there are two rock solid truisms in this world:

  1. Donuts = good; and
  2. Discriminating against an employee because of her rumored pregnancy = bad.

These two concepts appear to have collided with the EEOC’s recent announcement that it has filed suit against a Katy, Texas-area franchise of Shipley’s Do-Nuts, alleging that Shipley’s violated federal anti-discrimination laws by forcing an employee suspected of being pregnant to take unpaid leave until her doctor cleared her and then firing the employee when she failed to provide a release and after she and her mother disputed the requirement’s legality.

Gentle reader, we implore you, please call us before you end up in an EEOC press release alleging that you confronted one of your employees based on informal reports that she was pregnant and asked her intrusive personal questions about it. Maybe we could meet to discuss it. Over coffee. And a bagel.