On October 14, the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners’ (“IDPPC”) conference adopted a resolution calling for increased enforcement cooperation among international data protection authorities. Data protection authorities from around the world participated in the IDPCC conference, including representatives from Europe, Asia, the United States (including the Federal Trade Commission), and South America.

In the “Resolution on Enforcement Cooperation,” the IDPCC encourages “efforts to bring about more effective cooperation in cross-border investigation and enforcement in appropriate cases.” 

The Resolution additionally urges data protection authorities to participate in the Global Cross Border Enforcement Cooperation Arrangement (“Cooperation Arrangement”). Adopted in a separate IDPPC resolution, the Cooperation Arrangement provides a framework for privacy authorities to seek cross-border “requests for assistance” from each other.

The Resolution further calls for the development of a “secure international information platform” to share confidential information among IDPCC members. The Resolution contemplates that such a platform will provide a “safe place” to “facilitate the initiation of coordinated enforcement action.”