MPs warn post-Brexit environment plans fall ‘woefully short’ – the Guardian

  • Proposals to replace the EU’s strong environmental protections after Brexit “fall woefully short”, according to a highly critical report from a cross-party committee of MPs.
  • The MPs’ report said the proposals “severely downgrade” the environmental principles that underpin current EU rules.
  • The draft bill means that if we leave the EU, we will have weaker environmental principles, less monitoring and weaker enforcement, and no threat of fines to force government action.
  • The MPs said: “Urgent action is needed to plug gaps in environmental protection post-Brexit.”

Theresa May ‘plans to force fourth vote on deal next week’ after Tory MPs’ latest bid to oust her fizzles out – the Independent

  • Theresa May is said to be considering forcing MPs to vote on her Brexit deal for a fourth time next week after she saw off the latest attempt to oust her from office.
  • The law is expected to include new guarantees that the government hopes will entice both Tory Eurosceptics and wavering Labour MPs to vote for the deal.