On January 15th, 2015 through Executive Decree 38830-H-MICITT, the Integrated System of Public Acquisitions (SICOP, by its abbreviation in Spanish) was built as a technological platform of preceptive application to determine the public procurement requisition processing, in relation to the acquisition of goods and services.

On October 25th, 2018, the Ministry of Treasure issued the guideline number 025-H named "The mandatory use of the Integrated System of Public Acquisitions in procurement processes that are originated from the National Budget", as a result of several guidelines, laws and decrees regarding SICOP and public procurement processes of public agencies which, initially, did not have to comply the registration through this platform.

As of the enactment of this guideline, public subsidiary agencies; for instance, municipalities, public universities, and public corporations are now subject to the mandatory use of this platform, as their internal budget relies upon the national one; under the condition that their budget will not be approved until they can demonstrate proof of registration before SICOP. This requirement has been reinforced during 2019, whereas 12.607 processes have been awarded through SICOP.

Our team has designed a mechanism to perform follow-ups to relevant processes to the business of our clients, we have the capacity to i) verify whether the company is registered before SICOP as a public supplier; ii) whether the registration was performed correctly, and the business scope coincides with the chosen category; and iii) monitor those goods or services of interest to our clients.

The constant tracking of specific goods and services is a tool developed to enhance investments and making business between our clients and public agencies thrive. Likewise, our team is able to acknowledge sections of the Referral for Proposals (RFP) that might be subject to clarification or objections before the Administaration, in order to boost and achieve a fair competition amidst the other suppliers.