Florida businesses have a new tool at their disposal to tackle security breaches and hacks by their employees or anyone accessing their systems. The Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act (CADRA) provides a civil remedy to businesses that are damaged by anyone that accesses their information technology systems without authorization. In order to be protected, businesses must install “technological access barriers” (TABs) as the term is defined by CADRA. Under CADRA, authorization requires express permission from the business to access TAB-protected computers. The authorization ends upon the termination of the person’s relationship with the business. This applies even to directors and officers. A person violates the act if s/he intends to and does harm a business when the person accesses a TAB-protected system and obtains data without authorization or transmits malicious code. Businesses that are damaged by this type of misconduct are entitled to injunctive relief to prevent future violations. Businesses are also entitled to recover any stolen data as well as their economic damages, lost profits, and reasonable attorneys’ fees.