In the latest development in the Olsen v. United States case, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Washington issued an Order denying Plaintiffs’ Motion for Partial Summary Judgment. Following a complicated procedural history involving a number of arbitration decisions which were ultimately vacated, Plaintiffs initiated the instant action challenging under the APA the National Appeals Division’s resolution of Plaintiffs’ claims for payment of their crop insurance. Plaintiffs asserted two primary arguments: (1) Reinsurer FCIC had no legal right to revise claim determinations made under a private contract of insurance that FCIC was not a party to; and (2) NAD lacked jurisdiction over the issue of whether Plaintiffs had been overpaid by AGIC. The District Court denied Plaintiffs’ Motion, finding that the insurance contract granted FCIC authority to revise the claim and that administrative review of Plaintiffs’ claims by the NAD was appropriate. Olson v. United States, Case No. 08-5012 (USDC E.D. Wash. Sept. 30, 2009).