The City of Temecula is moving forward with the French Valley Parkway.  The project involves constructio of a new arterial, as well as improvements to the I-15 Winchester Road interchange.  Phase I of the project included constructing southbound off-ramps for the future Parkway.  These ramps are complete, but as a post on The Transit Coalition Inland Empire blog asked a year ago – “What the heck is going on with French Valley Parkway?”   The answer is the same now as it was then — Caltrans and the City are working to establish the scope and phasing of the remaining improvements.  So when will it be actually be built?

Well, there are some indications that it could be soon.  The City recently issued an RFP for property acquisition services, though the French Valley project is not specifically mentioned.  But we do know he project will involve acquisitions from at least 9 privately-owned properties and may require relocation of two businesses.  Those owners can expect to receive “Notices of Intent to Appraise” soon, if they haven’t already.  For more on the eminent domain process, check out our brochure “A Property Owner’s Survival Guide to Eminent Domain.”