The list [1] of quota-exempt professions of foreign employees for 2013 has been published on 26 December 2012 and will come into legal force on 6 January 2013.  

Employers may apply for work permits for professions included in the list even if they have not filed an application for a quota of foreign employees for 2013 or their application was declined. 

Employers may obtain work permits for foreign citizens and hire them without having a quota to employ foreign employees for work in the following professions and positions: general director of a joint stock company (association, enterprise), director of a branch, director of a representative office, chairman/deputy chairman of the management board (executive committee), director of economics, director of department, chief engineer etc. In total the list includes 59 professions and positions.

The list will be valid only until the end of 2013. We would recommend employers who plan to hire foreign employees in 2014 to file a quota application for next year before 1 May 2013.