On 4 February 2015, an arbitration panel (in a 2-1 decision) ordered Lance Armstrong to pay US$10 million to SCA Promotions (SCA), a sports insurance company, for US$12 million worth of bonuses received for his seven Tour de France wins.

In 2005, Armstrong was involved with a prior dispute with SCA whereby he claimed entitlement to bonuses. In those proceedings, he stated under oath that he was not taking performance enhancing drugs. Without probative evidence, SCA Promotions settled the case for US$7.5 million.

In January 2013, Armstrong confessed to taking performance-enhancing drugs in each of his Tour de Frabce wins. He was issued with a life ban by the United States Anti-Doping Agency and stripped of all his Tour de France titles.

SCA has now commenced proceedings in the District Court of Dallas County, Texas to confirm the arbitration award. The summary of the proceedings can be viewed here.