With talks between the US and China stalled, the hope that the US can avoid further tariffs on imports from China is dwindling. The US continues to demand that China commits to making fundamental economic changes, leveraging with the threat of 25% tariffs on an additional $300 billion of Chinese imports.

An agency hearing is set for June 17, 2019, and tariffs are expected soon thereafter, which means that time has likely run out for dodging the next tariff bullet. The purpose of the hearing is to allow impacted US importers, users and consumers to argue for removal of their products from the list of goods slated for the tariff increase.

Many companies will be put out of business by the tariff increase if they are not able to quickly move their supply chains out of China. These companies and other parties will argue that their products should be off the list.

Ahead of the upcoming hearings on the proposed List 4 tariffs, there are efforts to coordinate with witnesses who plan to testify in opposition to the proposed tariffs. The coordinated industry effort includes a focus on continuing to tell the individual stories of the impacts of the tariffs on businesses, farmers, workers and consumers.