October was a land mark month for Virtuoso Legal, wherein we ourselves made the news (and legal trade press) with two rulings of considerable significance earlier in the month. (Part of the reason for the delay in this post!)

The month’s other headlines are equally notable. In particular, the plot thickens in the UK with advice from the IPO in relation to IP should a “no-deal” Brexit come to pass. Further to this, a report issued by the Government pertaining to IP related matters as a consequence of the October budget.

In addition to this, there was (and remains) much consternation in usually peaceful Oxford over the University’s desire to protect the word OXFORD as a trade mark.

Without further ado, let’s begin the round up!

UK Government offers a bonanza of IP guidance on: no-deal Brexit, trade marks and October’s budget

As a wholly embedded area of law, intellectual property changes as the working world changes. Sweeping changes in legislation can, as such, become game-changers in IP in ways that might not be as straightforward as other areas of law.

No imminent piece of legislation is as sweeping as Brexit – where the many potential scenarios on offer an equal amount of complicated results for how IP rights may then take at home and abroad.

One such fundamental right is copyright, based upon many international treaties already – would be subject to significant changes should “no deal Brexit” occur. The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published a paper stating the key changes to expect should a deal not be reached.

This concerns:

  • sui generis database rights
  • portability of online content service
  • the country-of-origin principle for copyright clearance in satellite broadcasting
  • orphan works copyright exemption
  • collective management of copyright, and;
  • cross border transfer of accessible format copies of copyright works.

Many of the implications of a no-deal Brexit on Copyright are provided in this 1709 blog.

Deal or no deal Brexit continues to cause concern for as CITMA who warn that UK trade mark attorneys may lose significant amounts of revenue when their ability to represent clients at the EUIPO.

In and amongst this, the UK government offered guidance in relation to changes resulting from the EU Trade Mark Directive 2015 coming into effect (implemented through UK Trade Mark Regulations 2018). Changes allow for non-visual registrations and various electronic formats (e.g. MP3 and so on).

Gov.UK offers some clear insight into other key changes, also including how to manage expired marks.

Finally, after a bit of a roll in releasing papers the Government published a white paper, in relation to IP from Philip Hammond’s budget.

Here, the review explores the “undervalued and under exploited” nature of “knowledge assets” and establishes high level recommendations for businesses to seek to adopt. The reporting back from this paper will establish how IP may be treated moving forward in the next spending review.

As such, the government have provided a veritable cornucopia of material for IP pros to wrap their heads around. All of which offer some perfect late afternoon reading with a cup of tea(!)

The Battle for Oxford

In a fairly unique piece of news, it was announced that Oxford University would seek to register “Oxford” as a trade mark this month.

The announcement caused much consternation from businesses and others around Oxford who anticipate that the university would seek to enforce it against commercial denizens of the town.

It is most likely however, that the University is looking to enforce the mark in order to stop non-affiliated (or even rogue) entities from presenting themselves as the University – rather than seek to establish a monopoly over the use of the word.

The Times broke the story here which was then followed up by the Oxford Mail’s announcement that it had been approved. It remains to be seen whether the concerns of the broader businesses around Oxford is merely academic.

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