Last week, the National Energy Board tweeted a picture of the filed consolidated Energy East application, all 38,885 pages of it. As we discussed in a previous post, earlier this year the NEB directed TransCanada Corp. to file the consolidated version of the application to address the NEB’s concern that the Energy East application had become too complicated even for experts to navigate. The consolidated version was meant to repackage information already filed to make it up-to-date and easily searched and referenced. The 25-volume consolidated Energy East application is now available online at the NEB website.

The filing of the consolidated application last week meets the timing set out in the NEB’s preliminary timeline for the Energy East hearing process. As we previously wrote, the NEB announced last month that its final report on the project will be issued by March 2018. The NEB provided a preliminary timeline for the hearing process in order to meet that deadline. The next step in the preliminary timeline is the issuance of a list of participants expected in early June 2016.