The FCA has updated its Disclosure Log, listing some of the disclosures made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, since February 2016.

The FCA has published its responses to Freedom of Information requests.  Items of interest include:

  • The gender split in Controlled Function Holders. The FCA has provided a number of statistics outlining how many men and women hold Controlled Functions.  2680 men and 1022 women hold Controlled Functions 10 and 11.   
  • Data detailing the use of FCA prohibition orders in 2008-2015. The FCA has confirmed that there were 341 prohibition orders in total over that period.  
  • Responses to the FCA’s call for input on financial advice market review (FAMR).  The FCA confirmed that it received 270 responses in total, 27 of which came from financial service providers and 68 came from intermediaries. 
  • The FCA confirmed it received 47 applications from mortgage brokers for second charge permissions under the Mortgage Credit Directive.