The US and Canada agreed on 16 March 2015 to extend customs preclearance to border crossings by air, rail, land and water.  The agreement will allow both the Canadian Border Services Agency and US. Customs and Border Protection officers to conduct preclearance operations in each other’s territory. A similar agreement has been in place at a number of Canadian airports for several years allowing Canadian nationals to apply for nonimmigrant visas at the border before entering the United States, as well as allowing business travelers and tourists to by-pass the customs process in the United States once their flight lands. These preclearance operations greatly reduce congestion at the border and allow for streamlined processing of trusted travel and trade.  The agreement requires legislation by the United States and Canada to implement, but lays the groundwork to  permit the expansion of pre-clearance at more airports within Canada which will ultimately provide travelers with more options for processing their immigration paperwork at the border and also will make travel to the United States more efficient with less customs delays.  Furthermore, it provides the framework for expansion at US airports for Canadian pre-clearance station to provide U.S. travelers with more efficient travel to Canada. For more information, please click here