Notice 2013-78 contains proposed guidance on requesting assistance from the U.S. competent authority, acting through the Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement program and the Treaty Assistance and Interpretation Team, under the provisions of U.S. tax treaties.  The proposed revenue procedure would update and supersede Rev. Proc. 2006-54.

Notice 2013-79 contains proposed guidance and instructions on APAs and guidance and information on the IRS’s administration of APAs.  The proposed revenue procedure would substantially restate Rev. Proc. 2006-9 to improve clarity, readability, and organization.  The proposed revenue procedure also would reflect structural changes undertaken by the IRS since 2006, including the establishment of the Large Business & International Division, the realignment and consolidation of IRS transfer pricing resources under the Director, Transfer Pricing Operations, and the creation of the Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement Program, the office responsible for evaluating, executing, and administering APAs on behalf of the IRS.