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Tim Eder, the Executive Director of the Great Lakes Commission, joins The Water Values Podcast this week. Tim passionately describes the issues affecting the Great Lakes, including pollution, invasive species, and habitat degradation and provides a hopeful message on how we’re overcoming these challenges in the Great Lakes. Tim was a terrific guest, so get ready to learn a lot about the Great Lakes in this interview.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • The Great Lakes Commission, its role, and its history
  • The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative campaign to rehabilitate the Great Lakes
  • The legacy of pollution affecting the Great Lakes
  • The damage that invasive species have done and are doing in the Great Lakes
  • How invasive species were introduced into the Great Lakes
  • What we’re doing to prevent aquatic species from moving into new waterways
  • How we’re trying to prevent the Asian carp from accessing the Great Lakes
  • The importance of coastal wetlands to the Great Lakes
  • The importance of the Great Lakes to the region’s economic success
  • Agricultural pollution and the market-based mechanism being piloted on the Fox River in Wisconsin to reduce that pollution
  • U.S.-Canadian relations on the Great Lakes

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