DemoBlox, Inc. v. Terminus Software, Inc. et al., Civil Action No. 1:22-cv-02398-WMR (June 14, 2022)

Plaintiff DemoBlox, Inc. filed suit against Defendants Terminus Software, Inc., Saleo, Inc., Justin McDonald, and Daniel Hellerman, in the Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta Division) on June 14, 2022. Plaintiff asserts eight counts in its Complaint: (1) that all defendants violated the Defend Trade Secrets Act, (2) that al defendants violated Georgia’s Trade Secrets Act, (3) breach of contract against Defendant Terminus, (4) aiding and abetting breach of contract against Defendants McDonald, Hellerman, and Saleo, (5) punitive damages against all defendants, (6) attorneys’ fees under the parties’ agreements against Defendant Terminus, (7) statutory attorneys’ fees against all defendants, and (8) attorneys’ fees against all defendants under O.C.G.A. § 13-6-11.

According to the Complaint, Plaintiff DemoBlox is an Atlanta-based company that created a web-based tool that helps software companies give sales pitches with customized data and product demonstrations in real-time. Further, the Complaint alleges that Plaintiff and Defendant Terminus entered a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement in 2021 to explore a customer relationship. Under this Agreement, Plaintiff alleges that it shared its trade secret information to facilitate the sale of Plaintiff’s services to Defendant Terminus. Plaintiff alleges that Defendants misappropriated and used Plaintiff’s trade secret information to form a competing venture (Saleo) providing the same services as Plaintiff.

Along with its Complaint, Plaintiff filed a motion for preliminary injunction. This case has been assigned to Judge William M. Ray, II. On June 22, 2022, Judge Ray granted Plaintiff’s emergency motion to expedite discovery.