On May 20, 2016, President Obama has signed into law the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2016, which will streamline the miscellaneous tariff bill (“MTB”) process for reducing or eliminating duties on imports of inputs or products that are not made domestically. The MTB process provides for tariff-relief petitions to go directly to the Commerce Department’s International Trade Commission, which would analyze the requests “and issue public reports to Congress with recommendations.”

As reported in earlier updates, the introduction of the new MTB process would help manufacturers remain competitive, particularly as manufacturers have been paying duties on various products since the last miscellaneous tariff bill had expired in 2012.

Please see the previous updates regarding the passage of H.R.4923 - American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2016. The text of the law may be found here:

https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th- congress/house-bill/4923.