Christmas holidays are traditionally a time for rest and relaxation when families take a welcome break from the daily grind and spend previous time together. However, this period is not always full of festive cheer and time together is not necessarily good for all relationships. This can often be a time when rocky marriages are most likely to fall part, due to the overall pressure at Christmas to ‘have a good time’. Organising Christmas gifts, excitable children, festive food and visits from the wider family, can lead to a lot of stress and even the closest of couples can end up having a row, especially when a tipple or two is consumed! For some couples Christmas can be breaking point and the New Year may often be time for them to part ways. For married couples, this could mean divorce.

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown that 42% of marriages end in divorce and of those figures, some 34% before their 20th wedding anniversary is celebrated. As well as this, the UK has the highest divorce rate in Europe, probably because of the highly discretionary nature of the divorce process, where literally no asset is beyond the reach of the Family Court. Not only can family breakdown result in huge emotional cost, but there can also be huge financial cost where legacy assets, land, and property, and business assets, can be subject to claim.

Although this may not be such a cheery subject, it’s important to remember that if you’re contemplating marriage, you should perhaps seek advice and consider a pre-nuptial agreement so that in the event that years down the line, when the stress has been building, you find yourself contemplating divorce but know what is going to happen.