Although dietary supplement manufacturers face mounting pressure from consumers to use non- genetically modified (GM) ingredients in their products, doing so presents significant challenges that dietary supplement companies may not fully understand, reports a news source. Key among the challenges is “education in the supply chain,” said United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) Executive Director Loren Israelson. “We sense that the issue is substantially more significant than dietary supplement companies think. There is not the practice of testing in-bound materials for [GM] status. If you look at the core [GM] crops and their derivatives, then it could be a difficult situation. The standard is very high to play in the realm, and the supply community is not there with us yet.”

Additional challenges reportedly identified include (i) a lack of incentive for suppliers to include non-GM certification in their ingredient process, (ii) rigorous standards from non-GM advocacy groups, (iii) the complexity of many dietary supplement formulations, (iv) the fact that many vitamins and nutrients are products of fermentation and a lot of microorganism feedstocks come from GM crops, and (v) the reluctance of enzyme manufacturers to disclose their fermentation processes. See, June 5, 2013.