Last night’s election results have a major impact on the direction the country will take in the next two years. The overwhelming message last night is the majority of the country is not happy with the current direction that the administration and Congress have been moving towards. As a result, the Democrats stranglehold on Congress no longer exists. The House will be under the control of the Republicans and the Senate will remain in control of the Democrats, but just barely. What does that mean moving forward? Will there be more bipartisanship taking place?

With the results, you can be fairly certain that a comprehensive climate change package is not going to happen. Gone are the days where many thought cap-and-trade legislation had a chance. The new target that has the best chance to succeed but is far from happening would be the adoption of a 15 percent renewable electricity standard. That would show both sides are willing to make a move towards cleaner energy. In the House, the Republicans could target the EPA as greenhouse gas regulations are set to begin in January.