Dura Automotive Bodge and Glass Systems UK admitted breaches of sections 2(1) and 3(1) of the HSWA following an incident whereby an industrial robot struck a maintenance worker in the throat, causing an injury to his voice box and risking paralysis down one side of his body. Michael Brewer had gone inside a guarded area in order to diagnose a fault on the fully automated robot. Whilst he had previously signed a document confirming that anyone going into the guarded area should first ensure that the machine was in a manual mode, it became apparent that maintenance workers in the company, even at management level, routinely entered the guarded area with the machine running at full speed in automatic mode. This “culture of violation” had developed as a result of maintenance workers being unable to diagnose faults when the robot was in manual mode as it was restricted to a slow speed. The fact that managers and supervisors routinely flouted the systems of work that had been put in place meant that workers at all levels would follow their example and therefore put themselves at risk. To rectify the issue, Dura took a number of steps, including installing large viewing panels to enable workers to see what was happening whilst the robot was in use without having to enter inside, and ensuring that the risk assessment produced covered the tasks the maintenance workers would undertake. Dura was fined £25k for the section 2(1) offence, and £5k for the section 3(1) offence, with £20k costs in addition.