Cosmetic industry experts have noted that while the safety and efficacy of product formulations should be top concerns for cosmetics manufacturers, product packaging should not be neglected as it can significantly affect consumer experience. According to Virginia Lee, a senior research analyst at market research firm Euromonitor International, poorly designed cosmetics packaging is one of the “biggest consumer gripes” in the industry and can negatively affect how a product is viewed, regardless of how well it may work. Lee noted that beauty enthusiasts say that they “stay away from packaging that gets dirty” and even post tips about how to clean certain products on Web blogs. In response to consumer feedback, some cosmetic companies have re-packaged certain products, such as changing from breakable containers to tubes due to damage issues. Manufacturers need to realize that “today’s beauty consumers are on-the-go and want products that work—not just on their faces, but that won’t get crushed or spill in their handbags,” said Lee. See Cosmeticsdesign-europe, August 16, 2013;, July 26, 2013.