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The Indonesian government has revised its regulations for labelling of goods and issued Regulation of Ministry of Trade No. 67/M-DAG/PER/11/2013 about Mandatory Labelling of Goods in Indonesian Language in November 2013. This regulation officially replaced the previous labelling regulation in force since 2010. Those rules obliged businesses to ensure product labels on goods were in Indonesian language. 

The new regulations are is issued to comply with provisions of the Consumer Protection Law so customers have clear rights and know exactly what they are buying. The new labelling regulation has a  more thorough set of rules, such as the form of labels, how to apply for the Certificate of Labelling in Indonesian Language (Surat Keterangan Pencantuman Label dalam Bahasa Indonesia (SKPLBI)) etc. Much of this was lacking in the previous regulation. 

The new regulation also refers to the new system for export/import permits called INATRADE. This is an online Indonesian national single window service which enables importers and exporters to obtain and SKPLBI more easily online.