Service Canada has announced new national minimum recruitment requirements which will affect all Labour Market Opinion (LMO) applications made after January 1, 2009.

Service Canada has also announced the end of the Regional Occupations Under Pressure lists initiative. The new national standards will replace that initiative.

Employers seeking LMOs for skill level 0 or A occupations (management occupations and occupations usually requiring a university degree) under Canada's National Occupation Classification (NOC) system will need to advertise on the Job Bank or conduct similar recruitment activities consistent with the practice within the occupation, for at least 14 calendar days during the 3 months prior to making the application.

For NOC B occupations (occupations usually requiring a college diploma or apprenticeship training), the minimum recruitment requirement is to advertise on the Job Bank for at least 14 calendar days in the 3 months prior to the application and the advertisement must specifically include the employer's name, business address and the wages being offered.

For low skilled positions under NOC C and D there is an additional requirement that the employer must demonstrate reasonable ongoing recruitment efforts to recruit from communities that traditionally face barriers to employment.

Service Canada reserves the right to require additional advertising efforts beyond the minimum requirements.

Employers therefore need to make sure that minimum recruitment requirements are met for all new LMO applications.

These changes are an attempt to standardize minimum requirements across Canada. This may address the issue of inconsistency, as different recruitment and advertising content requirements might be applied depending on which office was assessing the LMO application. It should also be noted that by ending the Regional Occupations Under Pressure lists initiative, the minimum length of advertising for occupations that appeared on those lists has been increased from 7 days to 14 days.