This morning the Federal Government released its 300+ pages White Paper for how Australia will engage with the Asian Century over the coming decade.

The White Paper identifies 5 pillars of productivity innovation, 25 national objectives for 2025 and 5 regional countries of key importance: China, India, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. 

What’s our view?  It is Australia’s “5-year plan”, but now we need to action it.

The five pillars

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In the next few days King & Wood Mallesons will give you its views on the White Paper and how we can work together to action it.

For Australian businesses, the key priorities will be:

  • implementing strong Asian strategies for identifying  business opportunities in Asia
  • building relationships across the region
  • developing an Asian capable workforce that includes boards and senior management with Asian skills and experience
  • exploiting growth opportunities as the demand for professional services, education and tourism increase