This is an urgent alert to all businesses.

Many of you may have any potential outstanding amount (albeit that they are disputed) that is due to Customs or the Revenue section of SARS.  We have already from the customs side seen the start of a drive for collection of revenue by SARS. We have it that with an underperforming economy, SARS will be hard pressed to meet the target for this year’s March 2016 year end revenue drive.

The result of this is that SARS is going to be taking extremely drastic steps over the next couple of weeks, which include appointing banks and other third party debtors or customers as collection agents.  From previous years this also means that SARS will try and take judgment on any outstanding debts in order to take draconian collection steps to meet their targets.

We urge any of you who may have a disputed debt with SARS not to take anything for granted and unless you have confirmation of suspension of that debt to urgently seek advice to ensure that you are not caught unaware.