On March 3, 2020, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) published in the Federal Register a notice [Docket Number USTR–2020–0009] requesting comments on whether to extend for a period up to 12 months particular exclusions from List 1 that were granted in the fourth set of exclusions in May 2019, and are scheduled to expire on May 14, 2020. See 84 FR 21389 (May 14, 2019). At this time, USTR is not considering comments concerning possible extensions of exclusions granted under any other product exclusion notice.

Public comments should be submitted using docket number USTR–2020–0009 through the Federal eRulemaking Portal. The USTR strongly encourages all commenters to use Form A to submit comments. If applicable, Form B (which requests Business Confidential Information (BCI)), along with a copy of the corresponding Form A, must be submitted via email at [email protected]. See the submission instructions in the Federal Register notice.

The docket (USTR–2020–0009) will open for comments on the possible extension of particular exclusions on March 12, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. ET. To be assured of consideration, submit written comments by April 12, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The criteria and considerations that USTR will consider are set forth in the notice.