The IRS in November likely will release a draft survey of exempt organizations that focuses on nonfilers as part of a new voluntary compliance program. Under recent changes to the Pension Protection Act of 2006, organizations that do not file a Form 990 for three years will automatically lose their exempt status. These changes are prompting the IRS to focus on nonfilers in the voluntary compliance program. It will be several months before the draft survey is sent out. The IRS will post it in draft form on its Web site to give entities a chance to review it and prepare to respond. Other projects on the priority list that are in the works include: a revenue procedure to modify Rev. Proc. 75-50 to modernize the publication requirements for nondiscrimination policies of private schools; proposed regulations under Code Sections 509 and 4943 on new requirements for supporting organizations; final regulations under Sections 4965, 6011, and 6033 on excise taxes and prohibited tax shelter transactions and related disclosure requirements, which are not likely to change significantly from the August 2007 regulations; proposed regulations on new excise taxes on donor advised funds; and proposed updated regulations under Code Section 6104(c) relating to disclosures to state charity agencies.